How to Get 5-Star Reviews for Your Attorney Website

by | Aug 3, 2018

Having positive reviews is one of the most important things you need for your law firm’s online presence. Having 5 stars by your business listing can mean the difference in a potential customer calling you or someone else. More and more, people compare businesses based on their online reviews before making a decision, so two similar law firms showing up on the first page of Google Local will generate a different amount of leads based on their reviews.

This happened to a client of ours. The client ranks high for a competitive keyword, ”Rogers Divorce Lawyer”. Even though the firm’s listing showed up on the first page, they weren’t getting many phone calls from it. So they asked us to help them figure out why.

We discovered that their competition had dozens of reviews, mostly 5-star and some 4-star, while our client only had two: a 5-star review and a 1-star review. (You can’t please everybody in a court of law.) We set to work creating a 3-part email campaign to past clients, and after two weeks our client had collected 17 new 5-star reviews. The phone calls immediately starting coming in.

Social proof is important! You can’t afford to ignore reviews if you expect to bring in cold leads from search engine queries.

There are many ways that a marketing firm like Manticorn can help grow your business. We can increase traffic to your website, write articles and film video for content marketing, and design a new website for you with fresh copy.

One thing we can’t do is force your clients to leave you good reviews.

Why Do Clients Fail To Leave Reviews When They’re Happy With Your Service?

The first reason is that most lawyers never think to ask! Those who don’t ask are leaving a huge opportunity on the table, especially following a major victory. Most clients don’t even think about it or realize they can, so if you don’t have a system in place to encourage clients to leave you an online review, you’re missing out.

However, those lawyers who do ask for reviews are often met with enthusiastic agreement from the client, followed by crickets. No review! Many lawyers assume that they did something wrong. Why else would a happy client not leave an online review after they promised they would?

This brings us to the second reason. It’s not because your clients don’t want to leave you reviews. It’s because it’s too difficult!

Sometimes clients can’t figure out where to go and give up in confusion, or they are met with a sign up screen for a service they don’t want to join (looking at you, Google and Facebook). Many more get to the point of leaving a review, but freeze up because they can’t think of what to say.

Your clients mean well, but the psychological barriers they place on themselves lead to procrastination, relegating your potential reviews to an indefinite purgatory on their mental to-do list. Their inaction has nothing to do with the quality of your service. But what can you do about it?

Get Your Clients To Leave 5-Star Reviews For Your Law Firm With This Free Guide

It may be difficult to get clients to leave reviews, but it’s a crucial part of growing your business that often gets overlooked!

We’ve put together a free execution plan that explains step-by-step how to get more reviews for your law firm called, appropriately enough, How to Obtain 5-Star Reviews for Your Law Firm.

Not only does this guide teach you how to get clients to leave you 5-star reviews, it also shows you how to deal with negative ones. The way you handle negative reviews online makes a big difference in how it will affect your firm.

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