Google Correlate: The Best SEO Research Tool You’ve Never Heard Of

by | Sep 7, 2018

Have you ever heard of Google Correlate? Most digital marketing professionals haven’t, either. That is totally understandable, considering that Correlate has been in beta for 7 years and is not visible on any of their product menus. It’s like an Easter egg with an unfair advantage inside.

Google Correlate analyzes patterns that are based on time or geography to produce keywords that are related to the one you are looking for. It’s basically the opposite of Google Trends.

Type in a keyword, hit the “search correlations” button, and Google returns a list of up to 100 keywords sorted by correlation, with 1.0 representing perfect correlation, and -1.0 representing a true negative correlation. You can then export your data to a CSV file.

When used properly, it’s an excellent way to target your ideal customer with helpful content before they are ready to make a buying decision, so that you can engage them along the path-to-purchase. Conversely, you can use negative correlations to know when your audience is least likely to listen, and avoid spending time and money trying to reach them at those times.

For a great in-depth article on Google Correlate, check out this one written at Search Engine Journal.